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Shampoo Car Seats

How Often Should You Shampoo Car Seats?

As with other types of cleaning, how often you need to get Car Interior Cleaning depends on how quickly you get your car dirty. This rate, in turn, depends on how you use the vehicle. If your car is a family hauler and you typically have it filled with kids who are eating and drinking, then you'll need to have someone Shampoo Car Seats for you fairly often. Every couple of months is not too much when a car is used heavily by people who are handling things that can drop, spill, and otherwise make a mess.

On the other hand, if you're a single person and you never eat, drink, or smoke in the car, you can likely go a year or so before you need to Shampoo Car Seats. That's because they aren't exposed to any specific substances that stain or smell. However, over time, a car will start to smell "funky" just from the fact that a person has frequently been in there. All human bodies emit oils, sweat, and other substances that will start to smell as they break down, and shampooing the seats will eliminate these invisible residues and the scents that go with them.

Other things that increase the need for Car Interior Cleaning include the habit of keeping mail, work papers, and other such items inside. These items have smells of their own, even though they usually aren't noticeable on a per-item basis. When trapped in a car with the windows up, a pile of such things will impart an ink-and-paper odor to the vehicle. It's a good idea to empty the car and Shampoo Car Seats every 3-6 months if you make a habit of using it for storage.

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