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Sand Waxing for Cars

What is Sand Waxing for Cars?

It is natural to find the idea of Sand Waxing for Cars a bit befuddling. Are they really going to use sand as wax? As you might guess, this is not really how it works.
This process is usually described as "wet sanding and waxing." It is not a single step, but instead, one that starts with sanding off a very thin layer of finish using paper that is meant to be used when wet. This type of sandpaper can have much finer grits than that which is meant to be used dry. 

The goal of Sand Waxing for Cars is to remove imperfections in the finish such as small scratches, discolorations in the clearcoat, and similar problems. It can also be done to improve the looks of a poor paint job. A series of grit levels is used, going from rougher to finer, to smooth out the clearcoat and eliminate the imperfections. Then, the car is buffed and waxed. Therefore, there is indeed both sanding and waxing, but there is no "sand wax" product involved.

Those who are willing to invest in Sand Waxing for Cars almost always get Interior Detailing Near Me as well. Then, the inside of the car will look as good as the outside once everything is complete.

Of course, there is no need to get the exterior treatment in order to get Interior Detailing Near Me. In fact, hardly any cars will need frequent wet sanding and waxing. Instead, specialized exterior treatments are done on a rare, as-needed basis. Then, exterior and Interior Detailing Near Me are done regularly in order to maintain the great new appearance of the car.

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