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Mobile Hand Car Wash Lake Mary

Why Get a Mobile Hand Car Wash Lake Mary?

With all of the automated options for washing your car, you may wonder why you should get a Mobile Hand Car Wash Lake Mary instead. The fact is that most automated car washes have problems that can either harm your car's finish or result in a substandard wash job.

The big automatic car wash machines – the ones with the huge spinning brushes – are very hard on your car's finish. In fact, just one pass can leave visible scratches. This is because the brushes aren't sufficiently rinsed between cars, so when your car goes through, it is scoured with the mud and grime from all of the vehicles that went before yours. These brushes also hit your car with too much power, all but ensuring scrapes.
Do-it-yourself car washes usually use high-pressure water instead of brushes, although several do have brushes available as well. The water spray won't hurt your car's finish, but often, it won't get all of the dirt off of your car either. Typically, the result can be described as "cleaner than it was." Also, this water is usually recaptured and filtered, rather than being fresh. How much cleaner your vehicle gets depends on how well-filtered this recaptured water is.

A Mobile Hand Car Wash Lake Mary avoids both of these problems. Fresh water is used, and your car is only touched by fresh or well-washed equipment. The washer can also pay close attention to detail, so not only will the car end up cleaner overall, it'll be clean in places the machines can't reach. Top this off with professional At Home Car Detailing and your vehicle will look like it just rolled off the lot!

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